Guidelines to follow in preparing your quilt for your Longarmer

The Backing

  • The backing must be 4" larger on all four sides of the quilt.
  • If you are piecing your backing, cut off the selvage first, then piece with a .5" seam and press it open. Also backstick your seams on your backing.    The selvage has no give, the rest of your fabric has some give. If the selvage is left on, that seam will be tighter than the rest of the backing.
  • To assure your bacing is straight and on grain, tear the fabric, do not cut the fabric.
  • If you are buying 108" wide fabric, make sure to have it torn at the shop. It will be off grain by 5-6". Have the shop owner tear the first end before measuring out your fabric. Then measure the amount you need and have the next cut be torn as well. Otherwise you may not have enough length.
  • Mark the top of the backing with a note.

The Top

  • Press your top well. If I have to press it, there will be a $10 charge.
  • All outside edge seams should be backstitched to prevent them from pulling apart when put on the longarm. If that is not possible because of the quilt design, then stitch all around your quilt 1/8" from the edge.
  • Tip: When piecing your quilt, adjust your stitch length to 2.0 for piecing. A tighter stitch is less likely to pull apart.
  • Trim your threads on the wrong side of the quilt. Dark threads will show through light fabrics.
  • Mark the top of your quilt with a note.

The Batting

  • The batting should also be larger than the quilt by 4" on all sides.
  • Know the end result your batting selection will give you so you are happy with the final product.
  • I have Warm and White, and Warm and Natural Cotton on the bolt. I am charging $14 per yard for batting.
  • I have Hobbs 80/20 batting for $10 per yard, wool batting for $16 per yard.

Wavy Borders

If you find you have wavy borders, this is a problem for both of us. I have to work very hard to get our borders to look great without tucks. For $20, you may take a mini lesson on how to put your borders on so that they lay flat. I will give you a $20 refund on the next quilt I quilt for you if you take this mini lesson. You may actually bring a quilt to my studio and put the borders on under my supervision. You do not need to bring a sewing machine or tools, I will provide those. Just make an appointment when you are ready.


I will also be happy to give you a private or small group lesson on how to do bindings for $20. You may come to my studio and put the binding on your next quilt under my supervision. You may use my sewing machine and equipment. All you need to bring is your quilt and binding.