Longarm Fees

   Level I   - $.020 per square inch (
$2.59 per square foot)
   Level II  - $.025 per square inch ($2.88 per square foot)

   Level I   - $.035 per square inch ($5.04 per square foot)
   Level II  - $.040 per square inch ($5.76 per square foot)
   Level III - $.050 per square inch ($7.20 per square foot)


Hobbs 80/20 - $10/yard

Warm and White - $14/yard 

Warm and Natural - $14/yard

When Custom quilting I will:

  • Stitch-in-the-ditch around borders, sashings, & blocks to stabilize the quilt.
  • All outside edges will be basted down to keep the quilt square in custom and for pantographs.
  • The type of designs you choose will determine the level.  More open designs of swirls and vines are level I.  The denser the design the more time it takes and the more it will cost.
  • I am constantly learning and taking classes.  I have attended Machine Quilters Expo in New Hampshire for two years now and have taken classes from the best.  I promise to treat your quilt with the best care possible.  I have a non-smoking home.

Wavy Borders

If you find you have wavy borders, this is a problem for both of us.  I have to work very hard to get your borders to look great without tucks.  For $20.00, you may take a mini lesson on how to put your borders on so that they lay flat.  I will give you a $20.00 refund on the next quilt I quilt for you if you take my mini lesson on borders.  You may actually bring a quilt to my studio and put the borders on under my supervision.  You do not need to bring a sewing machine or tools.  I will provide those.  Just make an appointment when you are ready.


I will also be happy to give you a private or small group lesson on how to do bindings for $20.  You may come to my studio and put the binding on your next quilt under my supervision.  You may use my sewing machine and equipment.  All you need to bring is your quilt and binding.